Friday, May 30, 2014


the morning in my coffee cup
The hum of the dryer, the creaks of a settling house, the drip of coffee brewing, shrill chirps and low hoots- it's amazing what you can hear and notice in the early morning. I'm not naturally a morning person per se, but it has become my favorite time of day.  So much quiet, so much possibility.  My own personal Mumford and Sons concert while my feet carry me through the neighborhood or the gospel of John on my front steps- it's all such a re-charge.

I'm only sad it took me so long to discover the glory of the early morning in my coffee cup.

It's never easy to respond to that jarring alarm, but man...

it's worth it.  

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lifeinthevillage said...

ooooooooohhhhhhh how I long for this understanding. ugh. I so want to like the mornings. I so want to appreciate them enough to get UP and OUT of bed for them. I know my life is only going to get crazier. . . . . ugh. Thanks for the inspiration friend. You are awesome. :)