Sunday, June 8, 2014

through her eyes

meet the photographer- 9-year-old Anna Grace!
 It dawned on me the other day that giving a child a camera is just like giving them any other sort of instrument- not very unlike a paintbrush or a violin.  Her grandmother had a point and shoot lying around that she wasn't using, so our photography lessons commenced on our trip to New Orleans this weekend.  Not that I have a wealth of knowledge to impart, but still...  New Orleans was the perfect place to start.

her cousin Caroline

I love that she noticed this-  I didn't until she pointed it out.

Pretty, pretty good stuff, sister girl!

Oh, the places she'll go- great heights I'm sure!

And now she can record it.


Bebe said...

Great work ag- didn't know that camera could take such great pics-! You have the eye!

Kate Chaney said...

Awesome!!!! Anna Grace- you are gifted in so many ways! Oh how I love you!!!!

Korrie said...

this is Jesse. Anna Grace!!! I can't believe you're that good with the camera!! :-)