Thursday, July 24, 2014

our summer stride

Well, we've hit our summer stride- my little people and I are in a groove. 

Z-man is our soccer-playing snaggle tooth in his golden years of childhood.  He's still as sweet as ever and growing in strength and confidence. He makes my heart all melty. 

Asher is our wild man. If he's happy, he'll go around clapping in couplets.  Clap, clap with a smile.  He calls all kinds of things "yummy"- things like running around a field in his bare feet.  He's an excellent bird watcher ("SHHHH!!!" he'll say) and he still snuggles better than anyone I know.  He's strong willed and can throw fits with the best of them, but we're learning.

And then there's my in-between a girl and a young lady.  The way she's growing up so quickly makes me reel a little bit, but even so, it's fun to watch her grow into herself.  She such a fun, smart, creative, and lovely girl.  Some things don't change so much.

Blessed I am and grateful for the summer of 2014.

It's been a good one for sure.  

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