Thursday, August 14, 2014


I'm with Kayla.  Ain't nobody got time for long and/or frequent blog posts these days.  Maybe now that school has started, that will change.  But until then, I had to squeeze in an introduction to our newest family member, Banjo!

The kids have been asking for quite a while for a dog, but it was when Anna Grace drew a picture of Zoe with the caption "385 days without you,"  I knew that it was time to bring another four-legged friend into our family.  When we returned from vacation, I saw a post of this six-month-old Catahoula mix that has stolen our hearts. His name was Banjo and I knew that he was the one.

We adopted him from the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana where they are currently raising funds to save their operations by selling t-shirts that say, "The best things in life are rescued."

I kind of agree.  There's nothing in the world like a good rescue.

As Christians, Rescue is what it's all about.  Our sweet puppy's adoption was a great reminder of how we are loved by our Creator God who gave up so much to rescue us from sin and death.


Welcome to the family, Banjo.  We are overjoyed.  

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