Saturday, October 11, 2014


Jack was determined.  For 21 years now, my 16th birthday has always been my favorite. I had scored a goal on the soccer field- it was a beautiful fall Saturday- and I just simply felt loved by my family and friends.  Not much more to it.  I've had some good ones since then no doubt but that one just particularly stands out.  

But this year, Jack was determined.  Maybe it was because of my recent malaise or maybe because he just wanted to, but he was dead set on this one thing- he even created and named a playlist after it: 37>16.  

My morning-after testimony is confirmation that my husband knows and loves me well and that yes, 37>16.  

October 10 fell on a Friday this year and it included...

- a before-dawn run and workout with friends, us circled, hand-held and prayed up at the end
- my daily snuggle from Asher even if I was sweaty and smelled badly
- Jack at the stove, him having arranged a day off work and able to make breakfast (butternut squash browns and eggs for me!)
- Zekes thick hair to tame and a huge hug- a rare treat
- my work at our school's big fourth grade event eased by help from Jack
- the privilege of capturing 36 precious and funny 9 and 10 year olds that I've come to know and love 
- an on stage performance by Anna Grace that made me proud 
- Superior chips and salsa
- a precious babysitter for the weekend whom my kids absolutely adore and I trust fully and completely
- a long rest, silence, rain, a good book in the back of our car as we headed to New Orleans, just us
- a time for uninterrupted thought and reflection
- texts, calls, emails, FB messages from friends and family who love me well
- Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist, my birthday present to myself and my new favorite book (amazing)
- a playlist that made me laugh and cry and belt out song with my hand through the sunroof at sunset, us reliving our history through song
- Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street, charming and historical
- dinner and conversation and laughs with my best friend in the world as we sat at a little table on Oak Street at Jaque Imo's (my NOLA favorite)
- shrimp and alligator sausage cheesecake (pictured above) (AMAZING) 
- a long streetcar ride that felt like a party, hilarious and entertaining as we sat relaxed with the wind in our hair, smiles on our faces, hand in hand

So yeah.... 


In my book, this one for the ages. Well played, Jack Chaney, and very well done. I have no idea what these next 37 years may hold, but today was a gift and I'm so blessed to face life with you by my side, making me laugh and reminding me of truth and loving me well. I'm one thankful birthday girl.  

*It should be noted that I was able to write this post because Jack is still snoozing beside me at 9:24 am!  Wow! 

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Colquitt Family said...

Gracious, was your 16th bday that long ago??
We are old.

Props Jack.