Monday, October 6, 2014

approaching 10

Yesterday, in her most serious and stern voice, she told me, "When I grow up, I want to be a writer.  Period.  Right now I'm writing a book called Lily Pads."  

I have no doubts.

Almost ten years now and she still amazes me. I look at her making these expressions and jokes and talking my ear off and I WONDER how she can be almost ten.  I WONDER about who this little person is, all wound up all the time, so funny, so intuitive, so smart, so sensitive and yet sometimes a bit brash. How did we get here?  How is she ten?  Where is my baby who hoarded pacifiers and cried through all my nights but wooed me with her laugh and her round blue eyes?

Almost ten.  It's truly a wonder.

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Kate Chaney said...

Oh my!!!! How I LOVE that AG, and I LOVE this party idea and i LOVE these bags!!!!! Too bad you ain't on pinterest..... you would take the cake for this one ;) And, reading this made me tear up a little- how in the world is she 10 already?!!?!? I will one day say this with my Caroline as well..... Love our sweet girls full of life and full of personality!