Thursday, October 2, 2014

grief, grace, and gratitude

So my work this morning was to edit a photo session of a sweet baby boy that I took on Saturday.  As I came to these pictures- the baby boy with his grandfather- I couldn't help but think of how I wish I had a picture like this of my dad and one of his grandkids.  This side of eternity, it will never happen.    

 But as I was thinking these thoughts, I was listening to Heath McNease's album "The Weight of Glory: Songs Inspired by CS Lewis"* and the lyrics struck home:

"These golden streets beneath my grandfather's feet are realer than the final breath he took before he told us all goodbye..."  and "How wicked would it be for you to wish her back now that she's passed through, to pray her here when she's passed through, a ray of light between right now and evermore... a grief observed."

The truth is, I believe my dad is really holding one of my babies in his arms for real- the one I miscarried nine months ago.  It's more real than I can ever really comprehend.

It's grief and it's grace and it's gratitude all wrapped up in a big wad of emotions in my heart that aches.

Grief, grace, gratitude observed.

*Please do yourself a favor and download Heath McNease's album here.  I am LOVING it.  

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