Saturday, October 18, 2014

nightmare off Texas Street

When Anna Grace and I swung back the photo booth's black curtain, we were giddy and there was no reason for us to feel otherwise. The weather was perfect, we were in birthday party planning mode, and the day was ours alone to share.  Girl's Day.  Why wouldn't we take pictures in a photo booth at the Boardwalk?  

But my giddy feeling soon gave way to distracted confusion.  For several reasons.  

1. Photo booths charge $5.00 now?  I don't know.  Seems like a lot.  
2.  Credit cards accepted.  Swipe here.  Where?  Which side does the strip go?  

While I'm processing this, we start to notice an odor.  But wait, I'm still focused on setting things up. 

3.   Get a code for the picture and you can post them instantly to Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other social media sites I don't recognize.  Of course.  

But man, it really smells bad.....

And then.....


We rushed out into the open air and I embarrassed my tween daughter with my antics, but how could I not?  I had just been stepping in a huge, disgusting, disgusting pile of diarrhea!  In a photo booth!  What happened, person-who-didn't-make-it-to-the-potty-or-did-this-as-a-cruel-cruel-joke!?

I looked around for candid camera.  I really did.   


We reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and cleaned our shoes but I don't think I'll we'll ever forget our photo booth nightmare.  

It was so so scary.  

We took selfies instead.