Monday, January 19, 2015


I don't think you can tell from the pic, but they were so so beautifully dirty!
 I wish I had thoughtfully and carefully planned ahead so that my children had something productive and altruistic to do on their day off for MLK Day, but I hadn't.  Lucky for me, our amazing babysitter- who sometimes seems more like a sweet superhero with her little red car, shining eyes, and unmistakable spunk- took the three of them to a work day at the MLK Health Center to plant flowers while I was out working.  I'll take it! 

Also, I wish I lived closer to somewhere perpetually sunny and warm and so close to the ocean you could smell it.  But watching five kids play from my friend's backporch while eating her homemade chocolate muffins was pretty great too.  The sun was in our hair and it was warm and I'll take it.

I wish a lot of things actually.  I always always wish my passport told a story of my world travels- that I knew what it was like to wander the streets of Madrid or see the sun rise in China while my time zone back home was sleepy and dark.  But I as I ran the same running route in my same neighborhood that I've run 1,000 times, I listened to Anthony Doerr's All The Light We Cannot See and I was a blind girl in France during World War II, exploring my uncle's six story house and I'll take it.  

All the time I'm wishing for something more but what I have is my daughter and I sipping hot tea and writing together and I know it's enough. 

Today was a good day and I'll take it.

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