Friday, January 16, 2015

every day a little more

This morning's convention of birds got me thinking.  I wondered if that momma bird out there ever gets all worn out and run down by flying back and forth all the time, foraging front yards and mud puddles to fill her babies' bellies.  I wondered if she gets frustrated when one of her babies doesn't like a particular variety of worm. 

"They never seem satisfied. It's always 'I'm hungry!' all the time."  I wonder if she thinks that. 

Also, does she consider the opinion of all the other birds? 

Probably not.  More likely, she functions out of instinctive certainty that her Creator loves and provides.  She doesn't worry and she doesn't strive.  She does what she can and her nest is enough. One day, her birds grow pectoral muscles and courage enough to fly on their own, singing the song they've been given and that's that.  

One Day I hope to be just like that and in the meantime, every day a little more. 

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