Wednesday, January 14, 2015

get real

Can you imagine? 
"The Gospel isn't a one time message for the unbeliever, but the constant miracle for the imperfect."  Ann Dahlhauser

I couldn't see her.  She was only a voice coming from my speaker phone as I folded freshly dried clothes (I was trying desperately to get warm), but she was as near as you can get considering the 568 miles that separate us.  This is my share-your-heart-and-soul friend, so the warmth came from the clothes and her encouraging wisdom and love.

After I shared and of course teared up about the ins and outs of my recent life mistakes and triumphs, we started exploring this cultural myth of having our worth tied to some pie-in-the-sky perfection. Maybe we wouldn't go so far these days as this 1949 lunacy (this seamstress most certainly did not have children underfoot), but still, we go about striving all the time, surprised and dejected when we mess up.

At least I am.

But here is the truth:

When we accept and share God's love, He loves us.

When we reject Him and hurt people, He loves us.

When our house is a mess and we yell at the kids, He loves us.

When we're disciplined and diligent, He loves us.

When we're provoking a fight or telling a lie, He loves us.

When we're kind and making peace, He loves us.

When we're a hot mess, He loves us.

When we're perfect... He call us out on that.  We're not perfect.  But still, He loves us and He wants us to draw near, not run away. 

You don't have to look good and have it all together.

He loves you. 

We would all do well to get real and share our struggles, bearing one another's burdens, forgiving one another and loving one another even with our loads of drama and mess.

Lipstick and french chalk?

Get real.

"We love because He first loved us."  1 John 4:19

Thank you for the love and encouragement, Lyd!  Love getting real with you!  xo


lifeinthevillage said...

I like that line about urgent house chores. As if there is a difference . . .

Hahaha! Love you friend. And all your glorious, Jesus-loving authenticity. Amen and amen!

Korrie said...

I must have a bit of a fried brain, because I kind of liked what Mrs 1949 had to say! Maybe it's just about how to get into the zone...
But, I'm also with Lydia on this - Amen, sisters!