Monday, January 5, 2015

her pipe cleaner confetti

I have a girl with a crazy, strewn-out, single-minded (absent-minded?) propensity to make a mess.  I mean... to create.

Today, it was multicolored pipe cleaners all over- like she had picked up a handful and thrown them up in the air to land where they may.  I could tell that she had created some... things... with them but mostly it was just a mess.  And somehow she just walks away, unfazed. 

She has half written stories in so many notebooks, it's hard to keep track.  One day it's about someone named Shimmer in the lunch room at school, one day it's about a girl named Amelade who floats above the earth and only has clouds for friends.  I find videos and photos on my phone constantly- mostly videos though- that are a mix of stream of consciousness and 10-year-old comedic story.  I find notes and drawings with funny or sweet or or strange or profound things all the time like the one I found today that has a drawing of a woman on it- maybe me?- with a surprised look, she's saying, "You did WHAT?"

Trails of art by Anna Grace are everywhere.  

I ask her to help me clean up and she lays there on her bed talking to me non-stop about this or that, full of joy or frustration or laughter or anger or all of these at once while I nod and clean up, listening with part amusement, part irritation because unless I reminded her yet again, she would not think to help me.   

But even though it makes me crazy, I'm thankful for her pipe cleaner confetti.  Life would just be that much less colorful without it.  I love her art and I'm her biggest fan and she keeps things interesting albeit messy.  She inspires me to consume less and create more, seeing ingredients in the world with an eye to see what we can make out of it. 

So if you're ever reading this one day, my sweet AG, thank you for your art.   I adore it and I so love to see you grow into the creative girl that your creative God made you to be.  Thank you.

Now go clean your room.  (wink, smile). 

an exerpt from "The Adventures of Shimmer" by AGC:

There she was, about to wave her wand and turn Alex Mires into a frog for good.  
"Shimmer," said a voice that sounded old, and shaky.  "Put the wand down."  
Shimmer quickly put her pink, sparkly wand in her pink, sparkly case.  It was Mrs. Wilson.  
"We have told you many times, no magic in class."  
"Sorry Mrs. Wilson," said Shimmer.  "I was just-" started Shimmer, but was quickly interrupted by her teacher.
 "Save it." said Mrs. Wilson. 
 I should probably tell you about, well everything, before we go any further...

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Jack said...

Awesomeness. I see some Harry Potter influence in the story. :)