Monday, January 12, 2015


four stitches
I was leaning over and stirring a pot of steaming soup while calculating bread-warming times in my head when Jack walked in and said, "So... are you going to do anything with your hair before small group?"  I gave him my best pissed-off glare mixed with an amused grin while he tried to recover.

He backpedaled and said something like, "I mean... it's just kind of messed up.  I'm just giving you a life tip:  fix your hair before small group."

We both laughed at the rudeness.  Since then, we pull out the life tip card every now and then and I thought I'd share a few for you this dreary Monday morning.

Life tip:  Don't hold an avocado in your hand while you aim a knife at the pit and violently go for it.  You might miss the pit and cut your hand instead and spend your Saturday morning in the ER.  Life tip. 

Life tip:  If your daughter tells you she's found this genius idea on Pinterest that will make your hair grow faster that involves pouring olive oil on your head for several days in a row, skip it.  You'll only have to search for ways to get it out after it doesn't wash out and you try all kinds of things and you have to go several days with hair that looks like it's totally covered in oil.  Life tip.

Life tip:  Don't ask your wife if she's "going to do something with her hair."  Ever.  Life tip.

Wink, smile.  Love you, JLC! 


Korrie said...

Life tip: Don't watch amazed at your car tracks on the snow covered country road in your rearview mirror, and then try to make them a little more curvy. (That one from my early driving days.)

Jack said...


lifeinthevillage said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you!!! Loved the life tips. Especially the olive oil one for some reason. Gave me a great mental pic. But so sad about your hand!!!!! 😢😢