Tuesday, February 17, 2015

best-laid plans

Zeke's birthday coincided with our Winter Break, so we had planned on a trip to Broken Bow, OK, with my sister's family.  Zeke's cousin William is one of his favorite human beings on the planet so it was all set to be a good time with family that we very rarely get to see. 

But then, the stomach bug.

My poor little sister.  She thought she had seen the end of the virus that landed William in the hospital, but as it turns out, it hadn't finished rearing its ugly head and so... they were out.

I was kind of joking when I texted my friend Lydia THE MORNING WE WERE LEAVING, telling her about it and telling her that they should come.   But I guess when you take three kids on a trip around the world to adopt your fourth, a spur of the moment 7 hour road trip is no biggie. 

They came! 

So some of our other favorite human beings made the trip and celebrated with us and between the friends and the air hockey and the hot tub and the hiking, I think Zeke had a great time. 

this sweet little nugget let me hold her and sing sing sing to her and I loved it

we're practically regulars

It was as cold outside as it was warm in our hearts but we had a great time and I'm amazed at how that one worked out. 

But even so...we missed you, Degenharts!  We need a re-do! 

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Korrie said...

Way to go, Harrigans!! So great to see these pictures!