Saturday, February 21, 2015

more than a footnote

I was reading Genesis 30 this week and there it was again:  "Then Leah said: 'How happy I am!  The women will call me happy.'  So she named him Asher.'" Genesis 30:13 (footnote: Asher means happy)

You'll never be able to convince me that names don't carry some degree of power.  Our Asher is happy.  Well, sometimes he's not (and WHEW is all I'll say about that) but when he is which is mostly he is VERY HAPPY. 

And that Anna Grace.  Double Grace.  (footnote:  Anna means grace)

Growing in grace.  She's pretty great.

And not pictured is Ezekiel growing in strength.  (footnote:  Ezekiel means God strengthens)

Our little people growing into their names and their callings and the people God made them to be.  It's more than a footnote. 

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