Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sneauxpocalypse 2015

So we're on day 3 of Sneauxpocalypse 2015.  It kind of feels like an unexpected guest that you're enjoying but totally unprepared to meet.  And of course, this never happens in Louisiana, so we're improvising with Rubbermaid tops for sleds, CD cases for windshield scrapers, and sometimes even socks for mittens. 

She's using lots of words as usual- talked my ear off on a walk to the drug store about the flower's thoughts on treason among other things!

They were so excited that they all slept in AG's room like they do on Christmas Eve.  Sweetness. 

He needs a t-shirt to stay warm, of course. 

This is my favorite pic.  Mismatched boots- Asher called them "fire frog boots."

I am reminded of Whimsie's classic post on Southerners in snow and of course, dear old Buford on SNL.  Hilarious.

Phillip the snowman

And speaking of hilarious, we happen to be celebrating a birthday today for one hilarious guy.  My goodness, how we love him.

So happy Jack's birthday to you and happy Sneauxpocalypse to my fellow Northern Louisianians.

It's one we won't soon forget! 

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