Sunday, March 8, 2015

a human adventure

the old road to Belcher, LA

A few nights ago I dreamt that Jack was going to Paris without me.  I was furious.  But when his dad picked us up to go to the airport, it was revealed- the whole thing was a surprise trip for me. I was so overjoyed that I got all weepy.  

My longing for adventure is intense and constant and it seems like ages since I've seen the inside of an airplane (two years).  My brain knows that the trick is to find it where I am but my heart has a hard time holding on.  

A day after my dream, I drove on the old road to the outskirts of town for a Friday afternoon photo shoot.  The same old road with the same old curves reminded me of high school but most especially of when I was a kid riding a big yellow bus through these same fields of cotton and cattle, back and forth, forth and back.  It was not unlike the chicken noodle soup I had for lunch- comforting and familiar and its beauty wasn't lost on me.  I could still see it and I've got to trust that I am where I am because I've been placed by a God who has me on the road He picked for me. It may seem like I've worn this road out but it only seems like that. 

Four-year-old Asher told me a story the next day:

"Once there was a human.  This human's name was Candace.  She gives me all the things I need.  She has three kids, one sister and two brothers.  The brothers names were Asher and Zeke and the sister's name was Anna Grace.  And there was a mom and a dad.  That human is my my mom and I love her." 

It may not be a chateau in Paris, but there is adventure in that.  

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