Tuesday, March 3, 2015

our magnum opus

I once met a girl- I think it was in college- that didn't care for music. I didn't know her well, so I asked her what kind of music she liked and she only shrugged and said she really didn't care about music. It kind of blew my mind.

"What about in the car?  Do you turn on the radio at all?  Is it just silent?"  I was baffled but she remained very dismissive of my concern.  Maybe she did, maybe she didn't.  She was totally indifferent.  

I was confused about how this could actually be true.  I was the type that blared Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" with my best friend and liked George Strait for a Saturday morning.  I grew up with hymn sings and John Denver and my first CD (James Taylor's Greatest Hits) in 1994 really made my heart soar every time I put it on.  More currently, it's Beck and Band of Horses and Avett Brothers and Al Green and John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" or anything written by my songwriting little sister.  And it's always been something.  I even remember listening to records as a kid.  I would put them on and just sit there, listening and loving the collections of sound and song and story.

I hope that nowadays this girl I met has at least one song, one station that she finds calming or moving or a tiny bit thrilling.  I bet she has. Hopefully in the past 15-20 years her ear has become sensitive to some genre of sound that makes her feel a little bit more alive.

The thing is, there's just too much beauty to see and to read and to taste and to hear and to feel and to make to just let it pass us by unnoticed, unheard, unread, unappreciated, and undone.   I've found that it really is a way we love God- a way to give thanks for the gift of life- to love and appreciate and make art. Of course, we're all artists in our own way.  Whether we're quilting or writing or dancing or even crafting a really funny joke, it can be an act of gratitude and love to the One who made us creative like Him.

And even a marriage can be art.  

The knitting together of two hearts isn't an easy thing.  Sometimes you have to backtrack and reknit those places that got snagged and off-track.  Sometimes you want to lay it down because it takes so much work.  But when you press on and on, after a while, you begin to see that you have something so beautiful.

"Look, God!  Look what we're making!  Thanks for the instructions!"  My heart wants to say it when we pass another year loving one another when it's easy and when it's hard.  

 Jack and I talk often about the "one flesh" concept of Genesis and we've decided to really harness its power.  We have two birthdays, we say.  Happy birthday us on February 25 and on October 10.  And man, do we celebrate.  We eat and we rest and we see and we throw parties and we serve and we jump up and down to songs at live shows to artists making music in the zone.

Avett Brothers at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas

Harper chickens made it to the auction this year!  Amazing!
The fourth annual happy birthday Jack (and Doneen)silent auction to benefit our friends serving in Guatemala was a great success!

Very often, we fail each other.  We let each other down and we again have to remember to do our part to keep on making this beautiful thing called marriage, but the Master Artist is kind to teach us, help us, show us what it means to press on in love.

When Jesus really opens our eyes to it, we can almost see it coming together and it's good.  We just need to keep pressing on and keep noticing what He's doing even when it looks like a mess.  Maybe He's helping us make a masterpiece when we take time to step back or turn it over or look at it from another angle.

Lord, open our ears and our eyes and our hearts to Your beauty.  Show us Your angle.  The glimpses I've seen are amazing.  I can't wait to see more.  

I love you, Jack Chaney.  Happy birthday to us and to you!


Jack said...


I. And Love. And You.


lifeinthevillage said...

Amen. I love this. And you people are pretty amazing your selves. :)