Wednesday, April 22, 2015

full throttle

Easter Sunday at church
 This quote so perfectly encapsulates life with my full throttle toe head, I just had to share it again:

 "To be fair, the intangible benefits of parenting are hidden between this scary facade. When I didn't have kids, I didn't get it, and I shouldn't have. I had never fought in the Vietnam War and had dinner in Paris on the same day. I had no context to understand the casualties or the romance a parent feels on the same day." Jim Gaffigan from his new book Dad is Fat

If you have kids, I'm sure you can relate to the extreme glory and substantial suffering all wrapped up into the singular experience that is parenting. 

Easter Sunday at the beach
Love you and your wild and free and full spirited self, Asher! 

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lifeinthevillage said...

I'm so reading this one right there too. It's my afternoon, momentary, naptime glancing. And yes- the other day I had to read a paragraph to my eldest because my laugh was so loud it attracted attention.