Monday, April 13, 2015

love in Luling

my chunky monkey nephew, Jackson, 6 months
 I have a million pictures to catch up on... our spring break was full of all kinds of wonderful time with people we love! 
Anna Grace, the doting junior babysitter

no love lost between these cousins

nephew William, almost eight!

Alexander (the great), four years old

These are a few from our brief New Orleans stint with the birthday girl, my little sister.  She's the kind of girl who cuts perfect lines in her perfectly formed pancakes (her kitchen organization puts all other kitchen organization to shame), sings the paint off the walls at a funeral on her birthday, laughs a lot with a little higher pitched chuckle at the end, and loves her boys with her unending devotion.  I think there's always a little protective instinct you feel for your younger siblings and it's no different with KK.  She has a community of sisters in her corner of the swamp to throw her baby showers and keep her kids and make her laugh and for that I am grateful.  I adore my little sis. 

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