Monday, May 11, 2015

a good gig

mothering: a good gig
I remember my first couple of Mother's Days but only vaguely as the adjustment to life with babies turns the mind quite cloudy.  But I remember wanting a Medal of Honor and a parade or something grand in my honor- the sleeplessness had been so great and the acts of service so lowly and difficult that I deserved it, right?

Of course, you adjust to life as a mother and as time has marched on, either I'm just used to it or it's gotten easier (probably both) so my thoughts on Mother's Day have turned back to my mom.  I think about her as my age with four kids and a full time job.  I think about all the trips to the grocery store and the nights she nursed us through a fever, the sibling squabbles she endured.  Mine is a work in progress, hers is done. 

"It is an archaic truth that we can never repay our mothers," Billy Collins says, and yes, we never can.  Even a Medal of Honor falls short.  

If you're a bleary eyed new mom, hang in there and just do the next thing.  It will get easier.  And if your mother work is done, thank you.  You did it! You have modeled sacrificial love to your children and I'll bet it has changed you as much as it has your kids. 

As for me, I consider my reward a snuggle and a smile, my children playing and dancing and learning and growing in God as the gift itself.

It's a good gig for sure- medal or not.

field day 2015
our church's production of "Down by the Creekbank"- a wonderful gift!

fourth grade Mexican hat dance Cinco de Mayo 2015

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