Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kentucky Derby on the Harper Farm 2015

and happy 7th birthday Clementine!

well done, KRM!


Re-entry after vacation began with our third annual Kentucky Derby soiree, and while it was fun and full of light and beauty and friends, it should be said (although I'm sure you know) that I don't take pictures of my overwhelmingly messy house and I don't take pictures when I get the bad news from a friend and I don't take pictures when things are dark.  It's the light I want to capture and remember, but darkness still looms and though we don't let it consume because we fight back with perseverance and prayer, the suffering is real and like my friend Shauna reminds us, life is bitter and life is sweet and it is both but God is good through it all.  

Just so you know that my life is a lot like yours.  

Here's to basking in the light and praying our way through the dark.   Together.

And here's to another great Derby party and a sweet 7-year-old Clementine!  Fun times indeed.

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lifeinthevillage said...

beautiful. someday I want to make it to one of these! :)