Tuesday, May 5, 2015

my Derby darling

Guess who got her braces off...

this girl!  

Looking more grown up every day. *Sigh*

Is it wrong to grieve the passing of these years of childhood?  Maybe only if we're not grateful for the moment we have, the gift of now.  Those years were sweet and hard and rife with all things cute and amazing (and difficult- I remember the horror of the bedtime struggle).  But the now is amazing too.  Just yesterday she told me all kinds of things I didn't know about Queen Victoria (Did you know that she started the white wedding dress tradition?  Did you you that she was the longest reigning monarch?)  and she made a list for her school projects and she made me laugh and I love this moment, too, different as it is.  

New smile, new moment.  

So it goes.

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lifeinthevillage said...

She is so beautiful. Just like her mama. ;)