Sunday, May 3, 2015

my story of Punta Cana

When you have kids, it's kind of like you're walking on one of those moving sidewalks in the airport.  And a vacation like this is like hitting the ground between walking sidewalks- it is a little disorienting at first but then you remember what it's like to slow down.  

Excellence Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

When we got to the beach, I was trying to put sunscreen on my husband like he was a kid.  I was disoriented.  You mean I only take care of myself? 

It was wonderful.  I missed my babes, but it was a gift. 

It was like a beach side summer camp (so many activities!) for Americans and Europeans and the Dominican people were kind to share their corner of the world with us.  Excellente.

asopao was a lot like our jambalaya

Squash was fun and I won 1/5 of our games thank you very much

most of what we did- reading and writing on the beach

local Dominican food on the beach- definitely a highlight!

Jack using his gifts at our family-style dinner, I love this picture because I love this man

Alex and Thomas
We spent most of the time with just each other, but also we met a lot of interesting people.  There was the youth minister and his new wife from Pennsylvania, the newlyweds from Nebraska (she had never seen the ocean!), the inner city teachers and discussions on children's books, Daniel the Dominican Christian who high-fived us and sat and talked when he saw our Bible, the Ukranians who now live in New York who were very nice and talked with sorrow about their home country, and most notably, Alex and Thomas, newlyweds from England.

We met Alex and Thomas the last night and were instant friends, sitting on the edge of our seats when discussions of geo-politics turned to sharing our life stories (they were baptized on Easter Sunday!) to our faith in Jesus and Thomas' dream about having a daughter (on his honeymoon!) and we laughed and took pictures and shared and laughed some more.  Hours went by in an instant and then at almost midnight surrounded by loud music and people, we held hands and prayed over their marriage and their future children and it how amazing is our God?  Not only did He gift us with this great beauty and time together but He also gave us this time with this couple to encourage them on their new life in Jesus- people living across the Atlantic who we would never had met otherwise?

The pace has picked up again now that I'm home and I'm disoriented all over again, dizzy with love and laundry and the energy of children.  But I'm still reeling with gratitude for the gift of Punta Cana.

How great is our God?  Sing with me....

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lifeinthevillage said...

Oh I love this. Especially the end. And the praying. And that pic of your hubby. And your new friends. And your amazing story telling abilities! I realized this week one of my can't do's- writing and blogging. Oh how I long to, but instead I'll be moved reading yours good friend. :) love you loads!