Monday, May 18, 2015

wild and free and five years old

It's still such an amazing reality that I found this man that I love, we get to spend the rest of our life together, and God gave us these kids that look a little like me and a little like him and we've got ourselves a family.  We were all piled in our bed yesterday- everybody including the dog- and sometimes my heart feels like it could burst it's so full.

ok, so maybe a lot like Jack

Our little family celebrates Asher Adam today- our wild and free Ash now five years old.

As he would say, "my mind is blowed up."

And wild and free seems just about right for this firecracker of a boy. 

I pray that his kind of wild isn't disobedience, but a wildness to love fully and with abandon- to run and splash through life with his little arms wide open as they so often are.  I pray for his freedom to be found in Christ- that he would be free indeed.  May he know the truth and boundaries that sets us free, that he may proclaim freedom with his life and his calling.

Asher Adam, happy man, wild and free with a song and a story to share with the world- you are loved. May your wild and free heart be ever strengthened by your Creator who loves you and made you as you are. Happy birthday. 

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