Tuesday, June 16, 2015

how we family

I was thinking that maybe we wouldn't dance next year.  The drive out to the dance studio lands me and Ash in the car for 2 hours a week- 30 minutes there, 30 minutes back to get Zeke from soccer, 30 minutes back there, 30 minutes home.  It's not cheap and it's not convenient. 

But when my daughter gets in the car after her second rehearsal and tells me with a wistful sigh that her dance studio is like an escape from reality ("I know we should always do everything for Jesus, but you know, mom") where everything is all about dancing for the Lord, how can we not dance next year? 

Theater School of Dance in Bossier City, LA, is an amazing place.  I agree.

Ann Voskamp's idea of family being a verb is spot on.  We family Anna Grace by taking her out there week after week and we family her by sitting through a 2+ hour recital to see her 3 minute performance.  We sit with french fries and chocolate shakes well after bedtime all together after her recital because we family each other and family is always worth it.

With renewed perspective and inspiration, we will family on. 

(And as a side note, it was a beautiful performance, AG!  And we loved watching our friends Jesse, Clementine, and Rosemary, too- part of the family) 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Precious. It gets me thinking about possibilities for sis. . . . love it.