Sunday, July 26, 2015

10 million heartbeats

Last night, I held my very sick 5-year-old and felt his heart beat on my chest.  It was galloping twice as fast as mine and I marveled at this muscle-engine that is the heart,  beating life through our veins for 90 years or more, never stopping. Indeed, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Then, I thought about my Leah's grandmother's heart, recently given rest from its constant duty.  And then I went back- I thought about that day in late October 1921 when newly born Anita's tiny heart first beat outside the womb instead of in.  It was small but it grew as she ran and played with her many siblings.  Maybe it skipped a beat when she saw her childhood friend George one day in a new way and maybe that heart skip gave her a clue that he was the one.  Her heart was probably full when she walked down the aisle to become Mrs. George Dent and it must have been grieved but steadfast as he was shipped off in 1943.  Her heart must have raced as she birthed her children, David, Karl, and Donna. Her mother-heart grew even more over the years of love and service and devotion to her family.  Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub... it kept beating in the good times and in the struggles.

If you knew her, you knew her heart as overflowing: with joy, with love, with service, and with strength- it was a well deep and rich, supplied by the love and life of her Savior.

My cousins, siblings, and I knew our grandmother's heart as a laughing one.  The lines on her face drawn up, the woo-hoo, the sing-songs were the outflow of her light heart that loved us well.  As I held her hand the day before her heart stopped, I was grateful for the ways this 93 year old heart pumped and the way it imparted life and love to so many over those many years.

One day, we'll hold hands as something more like sisters.  Inside our chests, we'll have new hearts that will beat forever, our Rescuer having overturned our sin and death and we will be gathered together, facing eternity of life that is greater and better than we can even imagine.

Thanks be to God for that great reunion coming, for the One that makes it possible, and for the 10 million heartbeats of Anita Morris Dent.  Amen. 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Love you my friend. And love your heart. :)