Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dad's the best

Our Father's Day 2015 Round One was a bust.  We spent the morning with him, but soccer camp was waiting and our whirl of suitcases and snacks and goodbyes made for a less than stellar day for this man we love so much.

Not to say Father's Day 2015 Round Two was all that redemptive.  I tried.  But the kids are really tough customers sometimes and maybe too young to understand all the many ways their dad loves them and it mostly ended in them arguing about whether or not it actually was, in fact, Father's Day or not.  At least we had a gift this time.

And now that I think about it, his new watch is appropriate.  I stayed up too late folding laundry and watching the movie About Time, which involves time travel and lessons on loving people and life with all you've got.  I've only got 45 minutes left until the clock strikes midnight on Father's Day Round Two 2015 and I wanted to spend it writing something we can remember:  That Jack Chaney is like my favorite band playing my favorite song in my favorite venue.  He's a good dad, a great dad, the very best dad to these three growing people we're raising and I am grateful to the highest degree for all that he is and all he does and all he has become, a rock of a guy if there ever was one.

So sorry about Round One, Jack, and Round Two for that matter.  Too bad we don't really have that time machine we've always wanted.  But here's to making the next one, and every day in between for that matter, really count. 

You're the best. 

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