Monday, August 10, 2015

"My Summer" by A.A. Chaney

We went to da beach.  We found a hotel, row 7.  I had fun body boarding.  Seeing jellyfish but not getting stinged by it.  Building sand castles.  We met our friends dere.  Seeing starfish.  Mom liked the hotel very much but dad didn't that much.  Splash part was fun but the pool wasn't that fun.  Souvenier City was super good, like, super really good, no better than super really good.  Mom hated it but I don't know what Dad thinked.  I liked seeing Kathy.  We see movies with her.  She took us to Air U, Dad took us to Air U.  Me and Anna Grace went to Altitude for a party but Zeke wanted to go, and den he get to go. 

Special thanks to big sister Anna Grace for recording this for me.  Two thumbs up.  


lifeinthevillage said...

Oh how fabulous!! I love it.

Kate Chaney said...

This is awesome!