Monday, September 7, 2015

labor and rest

Coushatta, LA
So we had bunches of fun enjoying Labor Day way out in the country but Ann Voskamp's Labor Day prayer is right on as our heads hit our pillows in preparation for tomorrow's tasks: 

"...on Labor Day, there's a whole bunch of weary women and tired men who labor even on days like this, Lord, heroes who don't shirk back when the alarm goes off and they hit the floor because they know they're called and they go slay their dragons... people who labor hard, like everything depends on them, but pray harder because they know everything really depends on You, people who aren't afraid of dirt under their fingernails because they know all work is good work because it makes this world a better place and makes us the better for it.  On this Labor Day, it's the joy of faithful work that lets the faithful enjoy real rest.  Please bless us all with labor, Lord, and bless the laborers with strength for their calling... In the name of Him who was a carpenter and knows what it means to make your life into a labor of love, in Jesus' name.  Amen." 

Amen indeed. 

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