Monday, September 28, 2015

our team

Having three kids with three different soccer schedules creates an intense calendar (and laundry) situation. While you would think it would scatter our family, it has actually helped us rally around one another.  They wear three different colors, but we're team Chaney and I hope they'll remember these days as glorious- the days in which their family sat on the sidelines and cheered for them, win or lose.  Like my laundry room basket that gathers uniforms, my heart gathers soccer memories of hands raised in victory, legs pushed to the limit, and spirits that don't quit. 

Go team.

And as a side note, we are really enjoying them being kids.   Won't last long.

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lifeinthevillage said...

I loooooooove this! We JUST had the conversation again this weekend about why we watch each other play soccer. Though it's just the boys playing, I think I had the convo with one of them. But the sisters were present- we watch because we are all one team and we cheer for eachother. Love it!