Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sidewalk Tigers

Like Auburn and LSU football?  If so, you can get your fill of fun-filled sports talk when you search "Sidewalk Tigers" on iTunes-  a new podcast by my husband and brother that is three episodes in the making.

They're adorable.  And highly educated I promise- even if they didn't go to LSU or Auburn.

I've tried to think existentially about how the human heart could possibly be so enthralled with college sports that one could talk about it for hours and hours, but I didn't come up with much.  Maybe it's part human ability and creativity in a completed pass or run, a perfect touchdown, or athletic achievement at its pinnacle.  Maybe it's a fascination with what will happen, what might happen, what could happen.  Maybe it's a mirroring of the struggle of good and evil and the ingrained desire for justice or maybe pride.  I don't know.  Maybe it's just fun.  If you tune in, you'll certainly hear my beloved Sidewalk Tigers having it and in their way, creating something beautiful.

Play on, boys!  

1 comment:

lifeinthevillage said...

John and I both laughed out loud at this one. Not the looking for meaning part- just the "we didn't go to our schools" part. Seriously- hilarious.