Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October's Labor Day

As I climbed in bed last night, I realized that it was 11 years ago to the day that I climbed in a hospital bed in preparation for labor with an overdue baby girl.  I remember that night really well- the t-shirt that barely fit anymore, the bags that had been packed for so long, and the giddy anticipation of it all. I had had a hunch, but I didn't really know the hurdles in front of me as I tried to get to sleep that night in Kentucky.  I didn't know how long, how very very long it would take.  I didn't know how exhausted I could be or how things wouldn't go to plan.  But all that next day and night, I labored. And labored.  And labored.  And labored some more.  Joy finally came with the next morning's 8 pound, 2 ounce bald-headed beauty at 5:00 am.

When they handed me the baby that Jack declared smelled like donuts, I had a hunch then too.  I didn't really know the hurdles of parenthood: the sleepless nights, the endless laundry, the tantrums, the grind of feeding and changing and guiding and teaching and nursing, but I came to know them well.  What I also came to know is the unfathomable love and joy that is having a girl like Anna Grace for a daughter.  My labor for her continues, even now, and what a privilege.

Some things, maybe the best things, are worthy of our blood, sweat, tears, and long days and years of hard labor.

Anna Grace is certainly one of those things.  I am so proud of the girl she is and the young woman she's becoming and I will labor on, lost in love for this sweet girl the Lord has given me to mother.

In my mind, today is Labor Day, a day to count the cost knowing that labor is good and necessary and births great things.

Tomorrow, we'll celebrate birth.  Joy comes with the morning, you know...

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