Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a picture of me... and you

I love this picture.

My love for the image is most likely proportional to my love for the people in it, true.  But its deeper truth appeals to me, too.

Jack's expression is quintessential.  He is light-hearted in his typical way- jolly even.  "Take a picture of us!" he said.  His father-love and light shines in his face.   Not that I can't see the burdens he bears behind his eyes- it's only that the Spirit fruit welling up from his soul trumps them.

And Anna Grace.  On the outer edges of childhood, she shines beautiful with eyes sensitive and true. All her eleven years of life have taken her to this moment and she's eager to see what she can make of the next.   Her dad's arm assures her of her place in this world, her worth and her standing.  She is loved.

And the light.  If I had taken this same photo with my phone, the shadows would have ruined it. Instead, I told my full frame Nikon to be super sensitive to light - 1600 or 3200 ISO- and grab hold of all that light and make it shine like it is the way I see it.  Open up that aperture.  Slow down that shutter speed.  There is light there- let's see it.

Like Elisha's servant on a hilltop ("Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see" 2 Kings 6:17), I want open eyes to see reality for what it is- the truth that makes us strong and humble.

I love this picture because it opens my eyes- maybe cracks them- to my place, my identity, my worth, and my standing:  a beautiful daughter in the arms of a glad and loving Father.


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