Thursday, October 29, 2015

Philosophical at Freebirds

Our cups at Freebirds:  "Life is short.  Love what you do."

We noticed it and at first, Jack balked. 

"That's a lie," he said and I knew what he meant.  My life is the rare exception- I actually get to do what I love (raise kids and take pictures) but even then it's still hard work.  Most people don't actually love crunching numbers or pushing papers or cleaning up messes, but we've all got work to do and so work we must.  If my husband did what he loved, he would manage sports teams.  But mostly, he'd be unemployed because managing sports teams just plain isn't realistic.  Our generation actually suffers from this kind of delusion- that we are so special that we are actually exempt from mediocrity.  
But it really is all in the semantics:  "LOVE what you do", not: "do what you love".  Because there is a difference.  The former is an act of the will and an attitude of thanksgiving, the latter delusional thinking.  

So whether you're trying to get children to smile for the camera or cleaning toilets or whatever, love what you do.  Because this life is short, but eternal life is long and after all, we're all in training for that life to come.  

Amen, Freebirds.  

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