Monday, October 12, 2015

ReGroup 2015

Metaphors about life are a dime a dozen, but lately, for me, life has been one long marathon.  I'm plugging away daily- plodding, trodding, pushing through days of unchanging scenery and a heart that has grown just a little bit tired.  I told my friends on the first night of our weekend together in the Tennessee woods that just like that April day in 2000 when I was trying to conquer my first marathon and I hit mile 20 and wanted to give up, all I really needed was a little encouragement, a proverbial banana at the top of a hill to keep me going.  I'm still in the race and my eyes are on the prize and I have been given life (lots of it in every way), but still, some days are just hard.

And that's what groups like this are all about.  This small group of eight started meeting while the guys were in seminary in Kentucky and we haven't said goodbye to the group or our relationships or the call we feel to be there for one another, to run with each other through the marathon of life, encouraging one another with prayer and with words of life and truth and hope. 

This Monday morning, I feel electrified, invigorated, and hopeful.  I know I have miles to go, but knowing we're in it together was just the banana-hope that I needed.

Thanks be to God. 


Kayla Rupp said...

Hashtag blessed.

Colquitt Family said...

great pics, soooo sweet
i noticed that the time from your post was 12:17