Monday, December 28, 2015

backing off and rising up

That moment when your child has the idea to start doing that thing you've been wanting them to do for so so long- that moment is a good and triumphant moment.  

Of course, a lot of things are non-negotiable.  You are the parent and you insist upon them brushing their teeth and going to school and being kind, but there are those other things that they really need to own for themselves- especially as they get older.  So when my eleven year old tells me her goal for the new year is running 3 5k races and then laces up to go on a morning run with me, my momma heart skips and I think that maybe there is something to backing off and simply modeling good habits.  

It's her idea- a small but big parenting victory.  

Run baby, run!  

Here's hoping your brother has some good ideas about healthy eating one day.  

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lifeinthevillage said...

Oh my word!! How fun for your mama heart. I love it!