Friday, January 15, 2016

right where we are

We no longer have a cabinet full of sippy cups and we don't own a stroller. Even our toy cabinet looks different- it's Nerf instead of Thomas and Battleship instead of Matchbox. All three of our little people are now big- all in elementary school, all old enough to hustle and stay together in a crowd, all capable of making their own breakfasts, all big and too old for me to coddle them like I want to sometimes because where did my babies even go?  

But it's true- we've entered a new stage of life, us Chaneys.  And as much as I loved and will miss those babies and toddlers, we're jumping for joy right where we are.

Because if we blink too long, we'll miss it.  

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lifeinthevillage said...

Beautiful, beautiful. And I find myself jealous. And trying to potty train. and not succeeding. 😂😂. Someday I'll join you!!