Saturday, February 27, 2016

my privilege

her headshot for our school's country-western themed talent show - I'm proud of this one- the pic and the girl

they sang a little diddy from Wicked

and her class did a number to Rawhide - so fun

my singer

and the athlete
"Which would you be the most embarrassed to see me riding?

a.  a unicycle
b.  a camel
c.  a killer whale"

We were playing a "Beat the Parents" card game at our favorite pizza place when this question was posed to our favorite 11-year-old.  Her answer?

d.  all of the above

Our family is teetering on the precipice of full-blown teen life and honestly, I'm kind of excited.  Comments like "oh, I'm so glad it's you and not me," or "good luck with that" make me push back with outrage with a side of understanding (because I was, after all, not the easiest teen- sorry Mom).  But man, I'm thankful for this great girl I've been given.  I ran across this article about raising teens and I was encouraged so I thought I'd share:

"Love everything about them, even the annoying stuff. Love them for their actions AND their intentions. Let them know in word and deed how much you adore them. Daily. Love their wrinkled shirts and Axe-body-spray-covered selves. Love their bad handwriting and pimpled cheeks. Love their scattered brains and long limbs. All these seemingly insignificant details are an amazing, magical process at work. It's like being witness to the miracle of a diamond mid-formation. All this imperfection is going to one day yield a responsible, serious adult. A loving husband and father. Or a wonderful wife and mother. It's a privilege to be witness to such glorious growth.
See your teenagers as a privilege, don't see them as a burden. They're more perceptive than you can imagine. How you feel about them will be no secret. So just love 'em."

So I'll try not to be too obvious when I'm riding my unicycle or my camel when I pick her up from school because good gracious, I'm excited for and proud of my baby girl who's not so baby anymore.

She is, indeed, such a privilege. 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I love this. I love her. And I can't wait for those years- we are awfully close as well. 😳😳