Tuesday, February 2, 2016

on pioneering our paths

Morgan in action!

"Will I ever get used to it?"

My friend Lois had taken a selfie after ripping open and trying on her brand new clerical collar* and sent it to her friend Morgan.  Lois had been preparing for a long time to become ordained as a deacon in the Episcopal church and this was the question on her mind as she donned the outward signs of what was happening in her heart.  Morgan gave us an account of the conversation in her homily during Lois' ordination service. Her answer via text was something along the lines of "Oh, yes, don't worry.  You totally will,"  a friendly off the cuff answer.  But Morgan had the insight to dig deeper and give a real answer on Saturday in front of the church which I think speaks to all believers alike.

Morgan looked at Lois and in front of everybody said that the real worst and best answer to the question of getting used to this calling was actually, "No.  You never will.  And thank God."

The adventure of walking with God and serving Him is never dull and never, ever stagnant.  He constantly pushes us, stretches us, and teaches us something new with every new day, every word of scripture read, every relational struggle.  It may not always be easy and it surely won't be a comfortable journey, but it will be GOOD.  The best Journey leading to the greatest Home for the longest of Times.

So thanks for the reminder, Morgan.  And thanks for the inspiration, Lois, in your friendship and your service for these years our paths have crossed.

Here's to never getting used to the life He's called us to as His children and servants.

Amen.  And Onward!

*I'm not unsure about Episcopal terminology and this may not be correct, but you catch my drift.  I do treasure all my ecumenical friendships considering them a great gift! 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Love it. I have a new friend who is a solid Anglican and I am learning all kinds of fun stuff. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’œ