Monday, March 7, 2016

help, power, endure, celebrate

 Whether it's a song or a movie or a well executed football play or a photograph, beauty HELPS point us to Beauty.

And I should mention what a big help Anna Grace is to me in a lot of ways. She's my animal-loving, cupcake-baking, song-singing helper.

 The power of the family dinner table is very real.  I'm so glad to have captured this- something I normally wouldn't have seen because of its ordinary, every day-ness.

 The word "endure" made me think of friendships- especially with my long time buddies whose love stretches over miles and years like my friend Lydia.  She and I talked for over an hour while these two new friends played in the sun.  I am thankful for all the enduring friendships in my life and I pray for a similar blessing for my children.


We celebrated three baptisms yesterday- all three Greer kids!  Very special indeed and tonight, we'll celebrate some more.

And onward! 

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