Sunday, May 22, 2016

heart healthy

Some people raise our heart rates and some people slow it down.  Some do both- I think about Nora and Katie (lunges and prayers) or Meg and Bethia (laughs and food).  

So when you get a text from a good friend asking if you want to go to the cemetery downtown for "not a raise your heart rate walk, just a stroll... too weird?"  You say a resounding yes and then ask if you can bring your camera... too weird?

You should never turn down a good slow down.

Raising your heart rate every now and then may be heart healthy, but a talk-it-out, touch-the-earth, be-yourself kind of slow down might be even better.  Darcie and I had our hearts pumping this weekend on a tandem bike (so fun!) but she's also a slow-me-down kind of friend and wow- I'm so thankful.  

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