Thursday, June 2, 2016

no better advice

1.  It was on the eve of my first semester of college that my dad gave me a bible with this written on the cover page.  It is- hands down- best note he ever wrote me.  I miss him and I wonder what he would think of my kids and my life now that he's been with Jesus for these 14 years, but I'm so thankful for this treasure- words that linger over me like a banner of love.

2.  I wish I would have tried harder.  At the time, it was received with a warm heart but no follow through.  Even now I haven't arrived but at least I try and I recognize the wisdom and truth here. Maybe this was him speaking over me, prodding me along on a journey that I didn't even know I wanted to take and if so I am so immeasurably thankful for the nudge.

3.  Isn't this such a great picture of the heart of the Father?  Love.  He wants the very best for his daughter and this is it:  to just do what He tells us to do. To trust Him on that.  It brings life and success.

Moses to Joshua, my dad to me, me to you...

There is no better advice.  


Amber said...

I love this so much! Also that handwriting is super similar to Jonnys.... Genes are crazy

The Powers That Be said...

Catching up on your blog for the first time in months, and reading this made me cry. How beautiful and lovely! Your dad was a special man.