Thursday, June 23, 2016


Have you ever considered the miracle that is Vacation Bible School?

A few weeks ago several people approached me at the park to offer bottled water and a flyer for their church's VBS when it dawned on me that VBS is just plain miraculous.

Congregations everywhere- so many VOLUNTEERS- give hours and hours and hours of their time to plan, prepare, and execute creative and engaging programming for kids of all ages all because they love Jesus.  And Jesus LOVES kids.  So churches do this thing in the summer to SUBMERGE the kids of their communities in this truth. It's incredible, right?

Asher is in week 2 of VBS (FBC, then Summer Grove, St Marks next week!) and it is marinating his sweet little heart in the truth of God's word.

"Mom, I want to go tell people about Jesus in China."

Man, am I grateful.  

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