Monday, July 11, 2016

a little list

1.  I'm still hoping for a Chaney record deal someday.  Asher's current obsession:  his grandmother's ukelele.

2.  Speaking of obsession, Anna Grace has gotten us pretty attached to a super sweet stray cat that she has named Pocahontas.  I guess we have a cat now.  Never saw that one coming.  

3.  On July 3rd it was like our church grew big ole slip and slide arms to grab hold of its neighbors for a big wet, firecracky hug.  I love this imperfect but grace and truth-filled place.

4.  Want a good idea for a dinner party?  Here's one.  Before it starts, ask your guest to send you their answers to questions like:

 -What song makes you think of your childhood?
-What song makes you think of your spouse?
- What song makes you want to dance?
-Name a song from your first CD.
-What song do you hate?

Play the songs, guess the answers.  Simple and super fun.  Also, dance party.

5.  Speaking of dance parties, heaven must be a lot like Sky Ranch Camp closing ceremonies.  What a place.

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