Sunday, August 28, 2016

porch dancing, best birthdays ever, and all the miracles

This morning when Asher leaned over a plate of hot bacon, inhaled deeply and exhaled with an "ahhhh" and a smile, I thought of all the gifts.

Life is such a miracle.

steady rain outside, laughter and dancing porch-side Thursday night 

Meg's 35th birthday and it was epic with ping pong and tacos and confetti

I saw this mural and had my camera and told my friends to go do something crazy awkward.  Keep in mind, my friend does not drink and has all her senses about her- she just doesn't give a what and I LOVE IT! 

Not pictured: so many more things.  The early morning run with NTG, the take out with Kathy (in her new home in Shreveport!!!), a gaggle of kids jumping on the trampoline in the backyard, all the earth and dirt all over me from planting stuff, the spinachy veggie tacos, Zeke's golf date with his grandfather, Anna Grace's great dog rescuing adventure and her constant singing, the strawberry pie... all the things.  All the gifts.

Grateful.  A little tired maybe, but grateful.

"Turn to the window and wait for the sun to rise, to keep always rising.  Never stop being surprised that it does, never get over the miracle that you get to see it."  A Voskamp

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