Saturday, October 8, 2016

gimme a break

I don't even have a picture of it (and that hurts my heart) but I was a mermaid today floating in a Mexican reef.  The coral that looked like thin slices of a human lung and the coral that looked like a thousand fingers swayed to some underwater invisible music.  I saw conch shells so big- surely they were fake- but no, the huge snaily mollusk was still burrowed in.  Ancient starfish sat unassumingly on the ocean floor and I held a squiggly baby starfish in the palm of my raisin-fingered hand.  And then there was a stingray and I think I saw the Pout Pout fish and I definitely found Dory and then there was the fish who looked like he was all dressed up for an LSU game.

I read a novel.  

Jack and I have had a couple smallish spats but mostly we've laughed and it just feels good- the back of his head in my hand when we're waiting for an airplane or waking up next to him for the ten thousandth time but and still loving him and his sleepy grin.

I feel like I have a "thanks" and a "I'm sorry" in my heart about it.

Thanks to Creator God for an underwater theater and for beautiful places like Mexico.  Thanks to amazing grandparents who make this kind of marriage retreat possible, thanks to kids for recognizing that we need a deep breath and a parental time-out sometimes (this may be a preemptive thank you, but that brings me to my "sorry.")

My "I'm sorry" would go to my mother for whom this kind of thing would have been perfect.  I wish she could have come here with my dad in the middle of raising us four kids and teaching school and all of it.  She worked so hard- harder than me- and now I get it.  I wish I could go back and tell my 10 year old self to have a car wash fundraiser - SOMETHING- to send my parents to Mexico.

But it turns out I haven't come across a time machine (yet) so my thank you's and I'm sorry's will have to do for now.

Moral of the story (and there is always a moral in a Mexican story), mamas work hard so send them to Mexico (or the next town over with a B&B or SOMETHING) and give them a break.

I am so so thankful for mine.  

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lifeinthevillage said...

I just read this. And I so need this. It's crazy good timing because we have to go with the kids here, BUT we need a break. We- for all the reasons of life here that are so much bigger- but I was having a hard time justifying the cash. I cried as I read and realized it will be worth every penny. Thanks friend