Tuesday, November 8, 2016

stories and Story

So I read this book last month and fell in love with it.

I loved reading from the perspective of a seven-year-old.  I remember being seven and I love being a mother during the seven-year-old year.  It's magic.

And speaking of magic, every page was magical.  Elsa, our little protagonist, was on an epic adventure commissioned by her Granny and don't we all love a good story?  This book reminds us that all of life is a story- a big Story with big Problems and characters with varying degrees of virtue and vice. There are Monsters and Dragons to be defeated and there is always always a hero.  When I finished the book (I was on the beach), I held my towel over my face and had a good cry.  It was that good.

I happened to be into Isaiah at the time, reading it via The Voice translation for the first time where God is over and over referred to as the Eternal, the Commander of Heavenly Armies.  Where Babylon is the Sea of Wilderness and Israel the Valley of Vision and even the Leviathan shows up only to be slain.

And as I was going back and forth, I knew that this was a word for me to remember- Story.  We may all be in the great Middle of our stories, but God is and was and will be and He knows how it ends.

God, the Commander of Heavenly Armies, is the hero.   Today of all days in America, we should remember this.

And not only do we need to know we are in a Story, but we need to tell our stories.

"People have to tell their stories, Elsa.  Or else they suffocate."

So remember and share the big Story, tell your story, listen patiently and closely to other's stories, pick up a copy of Fredrik Backman's book, and hope in the big Happily Ever After.

*disclaimer:  It is a secular book, through and through- I am simply sharing what I saw in it.

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