Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Day Before

As I sat on my front porch this morning I was visited by not one but two red cardinals.  They say that red cardinals are ancestral visitors and maybe that's kind of hokey but 14 years ago today my dad was killed in a car accident so I can't help but feel kind of hokey.

Yesterday we dressed up all crazy and raced around the house and dance-partied and Halloween has really become The Day Before in my heart.   

It's The Day Before everything changed and it's a day to laugh in the face of death Proverbs 31:25 style.  

pre-trick-or-treating spinach

ninja, santa, teletubbie


Swedish Chef from the Muppets and he stayed completely in character

Donald Trump and his pineapple

me and Cinderella 

Rosie the Riveter- how great is she?  

Brazil v. Italy.  Brazil won with the Superman socks

Miss Kansas (because Miss Candace) and my time traveler (because easy costume)

We all kind of live in The Day Before, right?  We may have one tomorrow or 7,000- only God knows.  Death is gonna get all of us but we can laugh and celebrate even now- even on The Day Before-because Jesus has the final word.

This November 1 day comes every year and every year I'm sad all day- the kind of sad that makes your stomach hurt and puts you on edge.  But remembering that we're all simply living The Day Before has been, is, and will be my hope and life until that final Day comes when Death is defeated once and for all.

Until then, we love and we laugh and we are not afraid.

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