Thursday, January 5, 2017

for the win

It took me a while to realize and make peace with not being a star-sticker-chore-chart kind of family and granted we have a long way to go before we're all pulling the weight we should (and by "we" I mean "they" and by "they" I mean "the kids" let's get real), but it's been kind of sweet lately to just be a family and see the kids pitch in just because the pitching needs to be done. 

Tonight, Anna Grace and Jack engaged in an epic checkers battle with high stakes- loser cleans up and does the dishes after dinner.

Turns out the one game turned into three and by the time they were done, Asher and I had done the bulk of the work.

Anna Grace won at checkers but for me a warm heart on a cold night with my helper babies was a mundane Thursday family night for the win.  Chore chart or no chore chart. 

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lifeinthevillage said...

I loooooooove this about you! And being so the opposite (sometimes to my own demise), I love that our worlds can so closely coexist- charts or no charts!!